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Double Faced Pet Brush


This Double Faced Pet Brush is a quick and easy way to add the finishing touch to your pet's grooming routine. Made of high-quality synthetic material that has a thick and smooth surface for maximum comfort while brushing your pet's hair or beard with the precision of our FourPaWSake grooming tools! Our ultra-durable, soft bristles are ideal for removing dead or split hairs from your dog’s coat in just minutes without the risk of scratching. The soft bristle gives the best control over your dog's coat and allows for perfect, healthy-looking, natural hair and beard every time you use it.


Double-faced pet brush 

Great for long and short-haired pets

The plastic handle allows for easy cleaning

Multifunctional grooming tool


***Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of this product***



Good for any pets with fur

Material: Plastic, Steel